I am a Vital Voice

Yesterday, Marc and I went to Target in Davenport FL., that’s where I noticed this journal. The cover caught my attention and spoke volumes, “I am a Vital Voice.”

I decided to make a trip to Target today at the Rolling Oaks Plaza (closer to home) to return an item. I decided to see if they had the same journal. I passed on purchasing it last night, but if it were at this Target, I would not miss my chance. The words, “I am a Vital Voice” has personal meaning to me.

There it was, the last one, and on clearance for only $3.98. I purchased it.

The words on this journal remind me of Jeremiah 1. When God told Jeremiah He chose him as His prophet to the nations. Through the words on the journal cover Papa (God) was speaking so loudly through it to me. “LaShawn, you are a (MY) vital voice. Whether you feel like you are or not. It’s not based on feeling. You are who you are and I created you to be exactly who you are. You are a vital voice. Your voice is needed.”

Eternal One: Before I even formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew all about you. Before you drew your first breath, I had already chosen you to be My prophet to speak My word to the nations.

Jeremiah: Ah, Eternal Lord! I’m too young and inexperienced to speak for You.

Eternal One: Don’t use your youth as an excuse; you can and will go wherever I send you. You can and will say whatever I tell you to say. You have no reason to fear the people you speak to, for I am with you and will defend you.

Then the Eternal reached out and touched my mouth, and He gave me His divine message.

Eternal One: Look, I have placed My words in you. You will know what to say now, for you will be My voice. This very day I appointed you to speak with My authority over nations and kingdoms. Your word — My word — will have the power to uproot and stamp out; it will destroy and upend. And then your word—My word— will rebuild and plant anew.

Jeremiah 1:5-10 The Voice Translation


The portion below was written 3/18/2020 at 10:54 AM CDT

To fully understand this you would have to understand why God was saying this to me. For so long I had shut up my voice based on what people once said. Honestly, I blame no one. What the enemy meant for bad God has and will continue to use for good.

My voice was silenced, but now I am learning to ROAR in a way that will build and not harm. Although what I spoke were His words, I spoke from a place of anger and not love. I heard God’s tone based on how I perceived God at the time. I assumed God was an angry God who was always upset with me. The more I come to know Him, the more I hear His tone correctly. It’s not that His tone with me has changed, it’s just that I’m getting to know Him as He really is.

Have you ever read a text message, but read it in a way where the tone of the message was strong? Only to have that person tell you they were not coming at you like that?

Papa’s tone is that of a loving Father who’s words are seasoned with grace and love. Even when He is chastising me, yes He is stern, but not in a way to break me. Rather in a way to get my attention to turn back to Him. Just as a loving parent would yell out to a young child who is about to touch a hot stove; “HOT, don’t touch!” The parent loves their child. They are trying to prevent the child from harming themself. Papa does the same. His words are not that of a God who does not love us. His words are words of a loving Father to His children. Now that I am able to see Him correctly, I am able to speak His words with the same grace and love He lavishes on me.

Although my voice was once silenced, It’s not silenced any longer. If the lies of the past come, I must remember that I am a vital voice and I cannot keep quiet. I was created to speak. I was created with a ROAR that no one else in the earth has. I must continue to speak words that bring forth life and healing to birth hope in me and in the lives of others.

The same is true for you! You are chosen. You are special. What has God created you to do? We are in need of the portion of Heaven you were created to carry into the realm of the earth.

💛 Shawnee D

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