Slow Down

“Slow down, so you can speed up! Take time to draw closer to God (vertical relationship), so you can take time to draw closer to others (horizontal relationships).

3/20/2020 at 2:01 PM FT. Worth TX. 76137

“You cannot build on your own. Building family–building community will take time. It will take intentional time of communing with Me. Refuse to believe the lie that time is running out. Refuse to believe the lie that I am angry with you therefore you must go faster in order to accomplish the things I have purposed for your life. Daughter, it’s time to slow down. It’s time for you to press in and listen to My heart. It’s time to draw closer to the One who is the Source of everything you have need of. It’s time to rest, reset and refocus.

The vision I have given you will not come through striving. Striving will leave you feeling depleted, frustrated and unsure. Without Me, your efforts and your hard work–it’s wasted. Intentional, uninterrupted time with Me will never be time wasted. It is in partnership with Me that you are able to accomplish all things. In order to speed up, you must learn to slow down.”

Holy Spirit, Spirit of Wisdom

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