An Unexpected Package

For the last two years, Papa has been speaking to me about restoring the innocence of my youth. I can clearly see the growth and healing that has taken place over the last two years of my life.

Just when I thought the process was over He began to reveal another area of healing. This process of cleansing has been a delightful journey. He continues to heal and restore me in the areas childhood trauma once broke me and stole from me.

This year for my 41st birthday my Dad called to wish me a Happy Birthday! He let me know that he was mailing me a package and it would arrive next week. I was caught off guard a little with the whole birthday package.

Why? Because, like clockwork, every year for my birthday my Mom sends me a heartwarming birthday card that always leaves me in tears; and my Dad sends me money. My mother usually sends my birthday card a little early to ensure I will receive it before my birthday. My Dad, he usually sends money on my birthday through a Walmart-to-Walmart transfer.

So, when he mentioned a package I immediately thought, what could he possibly send me? I thanked him and anticipated the arrival of this package he was sending his little girl.

Exactly one week after my birthday the package arrived. I look at the package before opening it, wondering, “What could this be?” I opened the package and pulled out its contents, immediately I begin to cry. It was a Barbie doll!

I know, a 41-year-old crying over a Barbie doll. As soon as I pulled this doll out of the package I could hear the words of my Heavenly Papa saying, “I am restoring the innocence of your youth.” As a little girl, Barbie’s were my thing. I loved Barbie dolls everything! So this package was personal, this was special.

And there was more! A birthday card from my Dad which read, “Daughter on your birthday, Dream Big, Laugh Lots, Have Fun, Be Happy!” Inside read: “In other words, just keep being yourself, because you’re a pretty amazing person to be. Happy Birthday!” The handwritten poem scribed inside of the card, “You are better than diamonds and gold, turquoise, God didn’t create to be sold. Earrings, which each has his pearl, arrived today, just for my little girl. Happy Belated B-day surprise package.” PS. Not sorry that God used me on this day to make your eyes cry for joy in His very own way. Xo, Dad

As I looked inside the package there was a black velvet bag. I open it up and there were two gold necklaces, two gold bracelets, two gold rings (one with diamonds), and a pair of turquoise earrings each with its own pearl, just like the poem. Hahaha!

I called my Dad to thank him for my surprise package. He shared with me how he started to get me a porcelain Barbie doll, but God told him no. “This is the one you didn’t get her as a little girl.” My Dad and I both were on the phone crying and thanking God for what He has done and is doing in both of our lives–bringing healing to our father-daughter relationship. Papa used this package to bring further healing to me from childhood trauma, as well as healing my Dad from the guilt he was carrying.

I still have this Barbie sitting next to my nightstand as a reminder, Papa will always keep His promises. He continues to heal me from the pains of my past as He restores me back to the original version of me.


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