Dear Survivor,

What happened to you is not/was not your fault. It’s nothing you’re doing, and nothing you’ve done to deserve the way you are/were treated.

You have a Papa in heaven who desires to reveal to you the truth of your identity as His beloved child, HIS daughter. And heal you from the pain of abuse and trauma.

Daughter of God, HE calls YOU beautiful. You are a gem. You are ROYALTY. You are PRICELESS. You are CHOSEN. You were created for a PURPOSE. You are LOVED. You are CHERISHED. You are FREE.

You may not feel completely free at this moment, but you will come to know and experience the truth of your freedom. May you place your hand in your heavenly Papa’s hand and walk out this journey with Him, as He whispers, “Let ME Love YOU!”

You must be free before you can become who you are created to be.

-Rick Joyner, The Call