Shattered Glass

Once broken,

Always broken,

That’s simply untrue.

When a glass shatters, our instinct is to dispose of it, collecting larger shards, and sweeping up the smaller fragments. Yet, even in our caution, injuries may persist. A cut on the finger, or a glass shard slipping through a crack, resurfacing, finding its way into our unsuspecting foot.


Broken glass possesses sharp edges, demands delicate handling…

Consider this:

What if you chose to mend that shattered glass? You might initially think, “Whoa, that’s too much work! It’s shattered, beyond repair. Not that serious; it’s easier to buy a new glass!”


The glass was one of a kind?

Specially crafted, a custom design, a unique type of glass?

What if the glass was priceless, an heirloom, irreplaceable by any other?

Instead of discarding it, you decide to gather every piece, large and small, placing them gently into a container. You commit to restoring this special glass—piece by piece, bringing back its original design, acknowledging its value, and recognizing it as a masterpiece!