Deep Cries Out

Purify my heart, Purify my desires, May my desire be for You, Jesus, alone

I hear, “Deep calls unto deep, I AM calling to you, coooome, come closer, let’s go deep. There is so much more, come.”

I close my eyes, absorbing His words. {Visual} A deep well within me—a well that God calls me to draw from. I realized I am not the well; rather, the well of Living Water resides within me. There’s a divine invitation, a beckoning to go deeper in Him, to plunge into the depths of His love.

This revelation unfolded during a sacred moment at Risen Nation in Keller, Texas, on Monday, 11.13.23, at 6:27 AM. As I penned down these thoughts, the atmosphere resonated with another voice in prayer, proclaiming, “You could be anything, and You chose to be Love!” In response, I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Wow, so good!” The repetition of those words— “You could be ANYTHING and YOU chose to be LOVE!”—resonates deeply within me, reigniting the flame in my heart.

Reflecting on this experience as I sit here tonight, typing these words, I felt compelled to ensure that everything in my journal originated from the divine encounter and not merely borrowed from a song. A quick search confirmed that the words were indeed a gift from God during my time in the prayer room.

However, the journey took an unexpected turn when I stumbled upon a beautiful song by Jeremy Riddle. Here’s the YouTube link.

Although this is a journal entry of a personal encounter I had with Jesus, this experience is not exclusive to me alone. Jesus extends the same invitation to each of us. He beckons, not only to me but to all, to draw closer, to venture deeper into that sacred secret place in His presence.

He is calling, inviting us individually and collectively, to come closer, to experience the depths of His love. It’s an intimate call, resonating beyond my personal encounter, reaching out to everyone to discover that sacred secret place in His divine presence.

This latter part was released tonight by Holy Spirit 12.31.23 @6:54 PM (CST)

“Who is this for?”

A gentle whisper rested on my heart: ‘Who is this for?’

Writing has been my expression for so long, whether through journaling, books, blogs, or social media posts. However, there’s a revelation that has quietly grown within me. In the process of sharing, I’ve held back, revealing only what I thought others could handle. I’ve concealed a part of myself, locking her away and tucking the key out of sight.

Initially, it doesn’t start that way. I begin by pouring out freely, sharing with Papa, and allowing Him to share with me. Yet, when it comes time to share with the world, I find myself critiquing, and censoring. The essence becomes diluted, no longer the pure expression that flowed from my heart to His or from His heart to mine.

Today serves as a reminder—it’s for me first. Moving forward, I’ve decided to write without worry, without fear.

This is my journey.

So, who is this for?

This is for me, first! ♡