“Who is this for?”

A gentle whisper rested on my heart: ‘Who is this for?’

Writing has been my expression for so long, whether through journaling, books, blogs, or social media posts. However, there’s a revelation that has quietly grown within me. In the process of sharing, I’ve held back, revealing only what I thought others could handle. I’ve concealed a part of myself, locking her away and tucking the key out of sight.

Initially, it doesn’t start that way. I begin by pouring out freely, sharing with Papa, and allowing Him to share with me. Yet, when it comes time to share with the world, I find myself critiquing, and censoring. The essence becomes diluted, no longer the pure expression that flowed from my heart to His or from His heart to mine.

Today serves as a reminder—it’s for me first. Moving forward, I’ve decided to write without worry, without fear.

This is my journey.

So, who is this for?

This is for me, first! ♡